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About Rosie Silver & Lapidary

Unique, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry

Who We Are

Rosie Sterling Silver is a custom, handcrafted jewelry and lapidary shop located in Hollister, CA. Rosie Sterling Silver was founded by Carl and Kathleen Harris.  Each unique piece is made with a focus on attention to detail. From cutting the rock, to creating the settings, to polishing and finishing work; Many hours of enjoyment are put into each piece we create."

How We Started

Carl was born and raised in San Jose, California on his father's ranch on Tully Road. Carl's father first piqued Carl's interest in stonework with his father's lapidary workshop, equipment, and rock collection. Much of the stone in Carl's jewelry creations come from the stones that he and his father collected throughout California on rockhounding expeditions

Our Early Work

After retiring in June of 2015 from the automotive industry, Carl took up a renewed interest in lapidary work. Carl began refurbishing his dad's lapidary and stone working equipment that is still in use today. Some of these tools and equipment date back to the 1940s.


At first Carl started with cutting cabochons and working with pre-made metal findings to create renewed pieces. As Carl progressed in his art, he moved on to creating his own handcrafted sterling silver settings that were custom designed by his wife Kathleen. Through years of trial and error, and hundreds of pieces created, Carl perfected his own twist on Southwestern jewelry.

Our Influences

Carl and Kathleen's art is inspired by Native American jewelry. Much of their jewelry is embellished with hand stamped silver feathers, leaves, decorative stars, and flowers which are characteristic of Southwest silver smithing.

Carl spent several years studying in Tuscon, working with local silversmiths. There he formed his style and gained technical skills.

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